New Sakae Acupuncture Clinic Branch

We are a comprehensive therapy clinic using Western and Asian therapy techniques.

The basic concept of Eastern medicine is that diseases occur because the flow of energy and blood is not circulating throughout the body properly.
Our clinic offers the following treatments to help restore your body’s balance: massage, shiatsu(acupressure therapy), and acupuncture.

If you feel tired and/or your body is out of balance, come and try our clinic. These ancient treatments have been used successfully for four thousand years.

Some Treatments Covered by National Health Insurance!

For further information in English please check the Body care,Aroma Therapy Treatment and Beauty Acupuncture links on the homepage.


New Sakae Acupuncture Clinic Branch

9th FL., New Sakae Bldg., 23-18-3 Nishiki, Naka-ku NAGOYA

Weekday & Saturday & National Holidays:10:00a.m. – 20:00p.m.